Saturday, November 20, 2010

Americans Unite in the Name of Turkey

What is November without a good ol'  'merican Thanksgiving? That is the question that all of the 'mericans here in lil' ol' Changwon ask each other each year. And each year they decide that it is indeed a November not worth mentioning unless we do something to make sure Thanksgiving happens here. So, the community here manages to muster up the fixings to create something close to a Thanksgiving feast.

Being 'merican m'self, I was indeed invited to this year's Thanksgiving event by the 'mericans I know here (people from other countries were invited too, since we're such an inclusive nation and people). It was held the weekend before Thanksgiving though. The host of the party was in charge of getting a turkey from the military base in Jinhae about 20-30 minutes out of town, and then everyone else brought a side. My contribution choice was decided by the fact that it's kind of hard for me to get descent veggies in my diet on a regular basis here since I'm so busy. So Laura and I got really excited about the idea of making a vegetable dish for the event. We went to the market before the dinner and got all the stuff we needed and cooked it up real good. Everyone else did an amazing job with their parts of the dinner as well. There were tons of people and tons of food.....turkey, mashed potatoes, 2 kinds of pumpkin pie, apple pie, etc. So delicious! And it was fun eating it while talking to people from South Africa, New Zealand and Ireland about what kind of holidays they do and don't have, and what days they stuff their faces and such.

On the way back home, walking through the city Laura and I got stopped by Doraemon and Captain Frog who were advertising for a car company. We thought there were guys inside the suits because they immediately started hugging us when we walked by. But suddenly the cutest little cartoon-ish girl voice came out of the frog, "Hello! How are you?? OO you so pretty!"  *Gasp* Doreamon?? You're real?? And you think I'm pretty?? Lol, it was a fun end to a relaxing and food-ful night. Tomorrow, race day!

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  1. I'll try this comment again....(I seem to be blog-challenged!) I'm glad to hear you were able to "go 'merican" and enjoy an off-shore Thanksgiving.